Station Nautique
Ponton H


Mob. : 06 64 99 08 61

Do you love phone and board sports?

Tubing is a great way to celebrate a birthday or stag/hen party with family or friends.
Fun and adrenaline guaranteed!

The boat speed will depend on the participants.

You can choose from several different “tubes”. Opt for your preferred position: a round individual tube (several individual tubes linked together behind the boat), a flat tube for 2 people (seated or lying down), or a banana tube for 2-4 people (seated astride the tube).

Maximum five people per boat.

An der Rezeption gesprochene Sprachen :

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Raten :

Vorstellung Min. Rate Max. Rate Ergänzende Informationen
Basistarif 20 20
Basistarif 40 40

Akzeptierte Zahlungsformen :

  • Bank- oder Postschecks
  • Bargeld

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