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Yachting Club du Der

This marina is open throughout the year.
Canoeing and Dragon boat excursions on the River Marne and the River Vesle. An introductory course to still water and whitewater canoeing.
Club Nautique - Giffaumont-Champaubert
The Club Nautique de Giffaumont offers sailing lessons and boat trips. It has a clubhouse with all mod cons and walkways equipped with water and el...
Kayak Canoë Argonnais  1



Kayak canoë argonnais

Kayak Canoë Argonnais offers canoe hire and the chance to explore the Argonne on the River Aisne.



Bâteau de promenade "Au Fil de l'Eau"

Ab 8.5 €

What better way to explore the Lac du Der than in a boat! Throughout the trip you are sure to appreciate the atmosphere and comfort on board. The c...
Water skiing and jet-ski.
Let yourself be gently rocked by the River Marne on board a paddle steamer with a panoramic view of the valley. The bar and the terrace are equippe...
This marina is located at a campsite.
Sébastien Higonet offers guided visits to the Champagne wine-growing area (on board your own coach or on board a coach that it has hired) as well a...



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Liberty Lake

Ab 15 €

Liberty Lake offers the hire of trekking bikes and electric bikes, and outboard trips on the Lac du Der. Tailor-made cruises by arrangement.



Halte Nautique

This marina is open from 1 April to 31 October.