Malerei, Bildhauerei, Topferei, Glaserkunst... teilen Sie das traditionelle Know-how der Region.

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Dorure et décors

Housed in an old gilding workshop in Châlons-en-Champagne, where several generations of gilders succeeded one another, Virginie Lukas carries on th...
Silver clay jewellery workshops Silver clay has the appearance and malleability of clay. It is made of silver powder and an organic binder, and is...
Véronique Didier has been a costume designer and dressmaker for 25 years. She works in a wide variety of creative spheres, including theatre, dance...
A visit to the future workshop, built in the traditional way.
Peinture à la cire



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Atelier Artepolis

Artepolis produces hot-wax paintings. It offers classes and courses, and is an outlet for the sale of works by local artists and craftspeople. Book...
L'Atelier d'Hélène



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L'atelier d'Hélène

L'Atelier d'Hélène hosts a permanent exhibition of canvases, painted objects and furniture, and personalised decorations.
Atelier du Griffon Bleu - Montigny-sur-Vesle (2)
This studio offers courses and introductory workshops on themes such as bookbinding. Bookbinding classes also include the restoration of damaged bo...



Atelier des Grands Lacs

Come draw and paint in a bright, spacious studio, where you will be introduced to contemporary figuration and improve your technical skill. You can...
A passionate craftsman will allow you to discover art glass. Visit the workshop and admire the different aspects of the craft: creating and restori...
This artist produces original works in oil, watercolour, red chalk and charcoal. She paints portraits and ceramics. Permanent exhibition.



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Au Tour du Der

Sculptures, ornaments, furniture and stylised birds inspired by the cranes of the Lac du Der... Arouse your curiosity in the exhibition space, befo...



Cuir du Der

Decorative leathers, items made from repoussé leather, taxidermy, leatherwork and traditionally-made shoes.
Atelier châlons



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Atelier de dessin pour tous

Ab 26 €

Painter and illustrator Audrey Migeotte offers drawing workshops for adults and children aged 8 and over. The lessons are aimed at beginners or mor...
This artist works with a brush and knife to produce a wide variety of paintings (landscapes, still lifes, portraits), frescoes (display cases, shop...