Atelier bijouterie Christine Bouet

8 place du petit donjon

51130 VERTUS

Mob. : 06 30 44 11 47
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Silver clay jewellery workshops

Silver clay has the appearance and malleability of clay. It is made of silver powder and an organic binder, and is non-toxic. It is worked with the fingers, water and a brush. During firing, the binder burns away and the silver fuses to produce an object of solid silver.

The Christine Bouet atelier offers three kinds of workshop:
- The ‘Discovery’ workshop: 5 g of silver clay
- The ‘Creative’ workshop: 10 g of silver clay
- The ‘All Day’ workshop: 30 g of silver clay

Aktivitäten :

Schmuck : Einführungspraktikum
Schmuck : Weiterbildung

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Last update : 09-03-2018