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En selle Epernay

Ab 65 €

En Selle Epernay invites you to explore the Epernay countryside on horseback. You will be accompanied throughout the activity.
Cheval de trait service - Pierry
A new way to learn about Champagne! Hervé has a passion for draught horses and offers a range of services, including carriage rides through the vi...
Balade équestre
Livery stables, equestrian centre and pony club. Visitors are welcome to come for a ride, private lesson or riding course.
Les Ecuries de Matignicourt - Matignicourt
Horse- and pony-riding lessons from the age of five. Breeding of Selle Français horses, livery stables, competition coaching. State-certified rid...



Haras du Tiaré

The Haras du Tiaré stud farm offers horse rides. Booking required.
Ecurie de la Fontaine - Angluzelles et Courcelles
L’Ecurie de la Fontaine offers horse-riding lessons, pony hire and rides.
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Ferme équestre du Châtelot

La Ferme Equestre du Châtelot offers horse-riding lessons and horse rides, by prior arrangement.
Les Ecuries des Chênes offers one-hour or several-hour horse rides, days out with a picnic, treks, beginners’ and improvers’ courses, and taster se...
Les Ecuries de Coolus offer pony treks (Shetlands, ponies and small horses) every Wednesday and Saturday at 4.15 p.m. for half an hour.



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Ab 50 €

Champ’ânes offers donkey hire for radial or ring tours lasting one or several days, on the theme of half-timbered churches or around the Lac du Der.
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Ecuries de Lombroie

Les Ecuries de Lombroie offers horse rides and horse-riding courses in a pleasant setting with a friendly atmosphere.
Elevage des Briards, chevaux et poneys de sport - Chamery
L’Elevage de Briards offers organised horse rides and treks.
The Domaine de la Seigneurie offers one-and-a-half-hour, three-hour or full-day horse rides. To enrol, please phone one or two days in advance.
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Ziel dieses Verbandes ist es, im Departement Marne sämtliche Reitaktivitäten im Bereich des Tourismus und davon abgeleitete Produkte zusammenzufass...