Location de Gyropodes (Segway) CHALONS-EN-CHAMPAGNE

Location de Gyropodes (Segway)

Office de Tourisme Châlons-en-Champagne
3 quai des Arts


Tel. : 03 26 65 17 89
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Make headway with a Segway!

Why not try something new for a change? Dare to explore Châlons-en-Champagne by Segway!

This electric vehicle, somewhere in between a kick scooter and a motor scooter, promises a means of transport to explore the many treasures of the city with no pedalling or falling off involved!

Labels & Ketten :

  • Nachhaltiger Fremdenverkehr

Raten :

Vorstellung Min. Rate Max. Rate Ergänzende Informationen
Basistarif 14 14 1 hour rental.

Akzeptierte Zahlungsformen :

  • Zahlkarte
  • Bank- oder Postschecks
  • Urlaubschecks
  • Bargeld

Last update : 29-10-2018