Balade à Allemant


‘2 fleurs’ village in bloom
A street and a church: that is how the village appears, perched on a hill. It’s no wonder there are magnificent views from up here, stretching as far as Troyes. When Napoleon I climbed to the top of the bell tower, his concern was not that of the admiring walker, but of a military commander surveying his troops. Definitely worth a visit is the fine church, begun in the 12th century, today a listed historic monument. There is an incredible abundance of water all around, which can be heard babbling in the fountains and washing-places and lapping at the shore of the lake crowned with water lilies. No doubt that is the reason why box trees grow naturally here, along with two fig trees. Walkers can have a wonderful time on the official walking route across the vines and forest and around the lakes.

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Last update : 14-11-2018