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The name "Val de Vière" was created in 1965 when the two neighbouring villages of Doucey and Rosay merged in order to equip themselves with a water conveyance network. Since this marriage of convenience, the kilometre separating the two localities has been reduced with the creation of a play area with football pitch and bowling green, children's playground and picnic area at the centre.

The churches have benefited from renovation work, as have the wash houses that receive spring water more or less constantly. The hill is covered with vines and partially farmed by two local companies, thus placing Val de Vière on the Champagne Route. The town is also known by the walkers who come to pick the lily-of-the-valley celebrated on 1 May, and the abundant daffodils growing in the woods that are partially preserved by the European directive Natura 2000. A private garden is also open to the public.

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Last update : 25-01-2018

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