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For the residents of Reims, Mont de Berru has long been synonymous with pleasant walks in a high-quality environment. It is an opportunity to admire natural beauties such as the crested newts in the ponds and the orchids on the dry hillsides. A further remarkable piece of heritage is the church of Saint Martin (12th and 13th centuries) which has been a listed monument since 1921. But the village was inhabited well before that. A jewel of this very ancient history, the Gallic helmet discovered on the land is displayed as a rare gem at the national museum of archaeology in Saint Germain en Laye. The origin of the name Berru is worth its weight in gold. The son of a king of Belgium in the year 100 B.C., Berr built his residence on the mount. He had the idea of ordering the disparate locations of the surrounding huts by aligning them on either side of a pathway. Thus the rue du seigneur Berr was born. That is to say, Berru! During the flower walk, you will walk along the routes that flank these ramparts whose remains are still visible.

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