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Placed on the front line, the village was totally destroyed in the First World War. It was rebuilt, which was not the case for Tahure whose ruins can be seen in the military base nearby and whose name is associated with that of this energetic little town. War is still present with the museum on the first floor of the Town Hall, and with the damage suffered by the church of Saint Martin, whose flamboyant Gothic vestiges are remarkable. The church was identically reconstructed. 5 km north-west of the village, the tower of the American monument of Blanc Mont is visible from afar.
Two parallel lines are visible in the built up area, the val de la Py which begins here (hence the name "somme" or spring) and the old railway line, now a footpath with a mini-golf and children's play area. An original construction is the crucifix circuit; 22 wrought iron crosses were made, mostly at the beginning of the 19th century by a family of blacksmiths, the Gaillets. Two crosses have deteriorated over time.

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