Balade à Saint Germain la Ville SAINT-GERMAIN-LA-VILLE

Balade à Saint Germain la Ville


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This village of 600 inhabitants is dominated by the bell tower of its imposing church, 30 metres in height. As with other religious buildings in the valley, it cuts a fine figure with its chalk walls and features capitals sculpted in naive fashion. With its doorway and choir, the church retains elements from the original construction dating from the 10th to the 13th century, the rest having been rebuilt in the 17th century. You can take a walk, avoiding the traffic thanks to the route that circles around the town through little streets and pathways ideal for relaxation. You can witness for yourself the chalk that remains present in the houses and the walls surrounding the gardens. The village was known as Germinal sur Marne during the French revolution. Later, "the town" was added due to the discovery of the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa.

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