Bus en vignes au départ d'Epernay

7 avenue de Champagne


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The Bus en Vignes (vineyard bus) offers an original approach to wine appreciation through 6 themed workshops.

Champagne and chocolate: a participatory workshop with a master chocolatier and a winemaker.

Magnum: a stroll through the vineyard and a visit to a winemaker.

Jeroboam: a stroll through the vineyard with a stop at an observation point and a picnic.

Mathusalem: a stroll through the vineyard with a cookery workshop led by a chef.

Balthazar: a stroll through the vineyard with a participatory cookery workshop, an introduction to oenology and a tasting.

All About the Truffle: a stroll through the vineyard with a workshop all about the truffle and a champagne tasting.

Workshops last from 2 to 6 hours.

Reservation required!

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