Découvrez nos galipes - Champagne Perard-Mangeot BLANCS-COTEAUX

Découvrez nos galipes - Champagne Perard-Mangeot

8 place de la grande fontaine


Tel. : 09 66 84 72 95
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Explore the vines from which Perard-Mangeot champagne is made.

Visit the place where the grapes ripen, right above the cellars where the wine ages.
Marie Claire is on-hand to share her wine-growing work with you throughout the seasons.

At her wine-growing estate, you’ll learn about the passion, tradition and respect for nature that are hallmarks of the craft.

Try a glass of Champagne Perard-Mangeot for yourself and indulge in conversation about the close ties within the Champagne world, from major wine-growing estates to cooperatives and individual wine-growers.

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