Become an expert in the world of Champagne!

Matthias and his team will come and pick you up from your accommodation or point of arrival and drop you off again at the end of the day (in the Reims or Epernay region).

The morning starts at the Vine Escape, a former Champagne house, with a tailor-made Champagne masterclass (flavours and tasting) followed by lunch.

Then spend the afternoon taking a guided tour of the vineyard and find out more about two prestigious Champagne producers (a major estate and an owner-winegrower).
Then try their Champagnes for yourself at the end of each tour.

During your vineyard tour, you’ll also stop off at Hautvillers, the village famous for Dom Pérignon – a monastic figure synonymous with Champagne.

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  • Weinbau & Entdeckung

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Einzelpreis 190 190
Einzelpreis 95 95
Einzelpreis 160 340
Einzelpreis 160 340
Kindertarif 160 340

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