In Epernay, Champagne Charles Mignon offers you a friendly and detailed tour guided by ourselves. The tour starts with the discovery of our winery and cellars where our champagne wines are grown and nurtured. Then, you will comfortably sit in our projection room to watch a movie about the secrets of the Champagne production method. To end your visit and the discovery of the House, we will offer you to taste one of our cuvees (according to the visit chosen).

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French English Spanish

Labels & Ketten :

  • Jeunes talents du tourismeVignoble & Découverte

Raten :

Vorstellung Min. Rate Max. Rate Ergänzende Informationen
Individual tour rate 7 7
Tour + individual tasting rate 10 25
Group tour rate 9 15
Group tasting rate 5 7
Individual tasting rate 5 7
Child rate

Akzeptierte Zahlungsformen :

  • Carte bleue
  • Cash
  • Money transfer

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