Die Besichtigung der Weinkeller

Die Winzer der Champagnerhauser empfangen Sie gerne und laden Sie ein, die Geheimnisse
der Champagnerherstellung zu entdecken.


Statten Sie ihnen einen Besuch ab: Sie erfahren alles über den Vin clair - den Grundwein des Champagners - , jahrhundertealte Weinpressen, die Emotionen der Weinlese und manchmal über die Geheimnisse der Liköre. Hören Sie ihnen zu. Ihr Stolz ist Ausdruck ihres Respekts für die Natur und ihre Leidenschaft hat nur ein Ziel: Die Arbeit eines ganzen Jahres mit Ihnen zu teilen.

"Übermäßiger Alkoholgenuss schadet der Gesundheit, in Maßen genießen"

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Winners of the Jeune Talent du Champagne award Situated at the heart of the Marne valley, this family firm combines modernity with ancient methods ...
Champagne Laval Louis invites you on a tour of its traditional wine press, fermentation room and vaulted cellars, followed by a tasting. The plus:...



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Champagne Falmet

Champagne Falmet makes its wines in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks for perfect mastery of the fermentation process, allowing all the complex...
Champagne Edmond Bourdelat - Brugny-Vaudancourt
Champagne Edmond Bourdelat offers a tour of its estate. According to the season, a walk among the vines will introduce you to the different stages ...
Grower-wine maker, a family business preparing wines essentially using Chardonnay grapes, but also Pinot noir and Meunier in order to give roundnes...
Champagne Le Gallais offers cellar tours. Booking required.
Salon Accueil
Champagne Guy Charlemagne offers a free tour of its cellars, wine presses and fermentation rooms. Booking required.
Champagne Sanger - Avize
The 380 pupils and students of the Lycée Viticole, under the supervision of the head winemaker and teaching staff, create and sell a unique range o...
Au 36... - Hautvillers
A champagne bar and a shop. Initiation into the tasting. On reservation only.
Champagne Christelle Salomon - Vandières
Christelle moved to the family-owned estate, covering 3 hectares in Vandières on the right bank of the Marne, in 1999. She founded her label in 2...




Vinifia, an independent wine merchant, offers a range of over 700 wines, champagnes, whiskies and spirits in a professional and welcoming setting.
Champagne Franck Debut - Hermonville
Champagne Franck Debut offers a tour of the cooperative, by arrangement. An explanation about champagne making precedes the tasting.



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Champagne Liebart-Regnier

Champagne Liebart Regnier invites you to discover its world – the grape varieties, the area of the Champagne appellation, the harvest, the fermenta...
Come and discover the estate and the splendid village of Cramant, in the Côte des Blancs. Located on the Champagne Trail, it is a good starting poi...
A visit to the cellars, the fermenting room and visit in vineyards in summer months.